When you are planning to organize a wedding, the importance of lighting should not be underestimated. DJ Dariush has both the expertise and experience to cater the clients’ requirements. He understands the requirements, analyzing the need for lighting according to venue/ space, and then makes all the required lighting arrangements. He infuses the magical lighting effect with Up lighting, Intelligent lighting, Monogram GOBO lighting, and others.

LED Up Lighting

As LED Up lighting fill colors and enjoyment for wedding receptions, DJ Dariush offers the infinite colors of lighting for this special occasion. He helps you to transform the dull and lifeless venue to vibrant and colorful

Shining light upward brings surfaces to life, accentuating architectural features, and brighten the environment. It helps to boost up the guests’ mood to dance and fill fun in your event. LED Up lighting (Mood-Setting lighting) are actually LED light boxes that are positioned against the curtains or walls that can ensure the bright glow in the room. DJ Dariush helps you to determine the perfect colors that suits to the venue location and size.

Wedding lighting

Intelligent Lighting

DJ Dariush ensures you to setup an intelligent lighting for the dance floor. Intelligent lighting is one step ahead from normal DJ lighting. Intelligent lighting is usually used in live concerts and nightclubs. It adds ‘wow’ factor for wedding occasion.

Monogram GOBO Lighting

I you are considering, lighting for your wedding, you should consider projected your names on the dance floor or wall. It poses for glamorous effect and make your guests amazed as they enters into the venue.

The high-end expertise is required to make the arrangement for monogram GOBO lighting. DJ Dariush provides you the Monogram GOBO lighting at your special occasion.