About DJ Dariush

DJ Dariush explains, "It's not about the crowd, or occasion, rather it makes your audiences feel the music and connect it with the inner soul."

He has loved music from his very young age. He used to listen his favorite songs and also dreamt to entertain audiences from his music. It is the passion for music that led him to pursue the career as a professional DJ.

DJ Dariush with more than 17 years of experience had provided DJ service over 35 states from Central America including Utah and Colorado to South East including Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee, all the way to the North East including Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Road Island and Massachusetts.

DJ Dariush

He is a well experienced and professional DJ who serves for all nationalities including, Iranian, Americans, Latinos, Arabs, Afghans, Indians, and many others. He is equipped with State of the art DJ equipment and ensures his clients to cater all types of music for their wedding parties, corporate events, birthday parties, and other occasions.

He has the expertise to easily play and mix Persian, Iranian, American, and other international music. DJ Dariush had promoted clubs and big concerts, like, Omid, Bijan Mortazavi, Homeyra, Afshin, etc. in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

He understands how much preparation needs to go through while organizing for an event. When it is to entertain the guests in your wedding party, DJ Dariush takes it responsibly and makes the things easy going. He has the perfect knowledge & experience to get your party or occasion with great success.

Once you book the DJ event with DJ Dariush, he put all energy and focuses on your event only. Getting the right entertainment is the sole purpose of hiring a DJ. He knows very well when and what to play. He mixes songs in the right and professional way, puts quality sound into it and few more secrets to make your DJ party as the swashbuckling.

With the help of his unique style and experience to entertain guests in party events and other occasions, he had successfully performed in the most prestige venues all around the United States. His continued dedication and enthusiasm towards music has helped him to build a strong reputation for rocking the party.